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To Bleach or not to Bleach

Like it or not, call it what you wish, if your lightening your hair you are using a bleaching agent.

Bleaching agents are in Permanent colours, and most Demi Permanent colours.

It all depends on how far you need to take your colour.
1 black
10 blond. and everything in-between

Each level of colour has an underlying pigment. If you need to move from a level 5 to 9, you need bleach.

If you don’t use bleach you will run out of lifting strength and be left with brassy, or yellow hair. Terrible!

Not all bleaches are created equal. Some leave the hair in prestine condition. These bleaches are more expensive. Others are garbage and add excessive porosity to the shaft as they decolourize the natural pigments. It's like burning the walls in order to change to change the paint. They will achieve the goal of decolorization but compromise the surface at the same time.

Most importantly, you are dependant on the Knowledge, Skill and the Desire of your colourist to not overlap previously lightened hair.

If necessary to do so, (overlap lightener) based on the new desired result, it is our job to develop a formula that will get you there safely.

Remo Rinaldi
Master Certified Hair Colour Technician, Educator.

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